Professional Education and Peer Learning


More and more organizations realize that they cannot prosper if their people aren’t learning.  Development must take place throughout the organization, from the front line up to Executive and Board. 

Employees are increasingly seeking opportunities for lifelong learning. Companies that invest in developing their employees report better retention, improved satisfaction, and more success at recruiting new leaders. 

Education can offer critical competitive advantages, as teams with learning mind-sets will outperform their rivals.



Peer Learning and Peer Coaching programs


We work with stakeholders to launch hybrid peer learning and peer coaching programs. These customized programs include facilitated conversations with an ever-changing roster of experts, on significant and trending topics.  Members also build their network, while finding a “safe space” to discuss challenges and opportunities.

Continuing Professional Development


CPD requirements are how associations ensure that their members remain current, and thus uphold the reputation of their profession.  But many associations struggle to track their members’ completion of CPD hours, and fewer still earn any revenue from CPD. We can manage, consolidate and monetize your CPD framework.

Custom and Outsourced Education


We can provide programming and delivery of content across a range of topic areas using proven instructors.  We are comfortable with a range of methodologies including completely online, blended, fieldwork-based or classroom- based programs.  We can do this as a custom offering for an association or business, deliver outsourced programming for smaller learning establishments, or provide the  short term project help you need to get a program rolled out.