Corporate governance is an essential concern for both commercial and not-for-profit entities.  Corporate governance can help management excel, or intervene when management loses its way.  For smaller companies, governance ensures that the needs of all stakeholders are considered, and not just those of the founder. Good governance enhances risk management, particularly in the areas of reputational and regulatory risk, and helps reduce the cost of funding. 

Governance is not only carried out at the Board level. Large businesses often establish governance frameworks over data, privacy or projects, among many areas.  All these fields involve the implementation of frameworks which establish rules, processes and accountabilities. 



Corporate Governance Frameworks


 New and growing organizations (such as technology scale-ups) need to establish governance frameworks which suit their business model.  It's more than following best practice: potential investors or lenders who are financing your growth will want to see it. We can help you with it.

 For older organizations worried about their legacy governance frameworks, we can investigate and give you suggestions for improvement.

Regulatory or Board Report PReparation


Clear and effective communication of information from staff (especially in technical roles) to the executive team, the Board, or regulators, is a critical component of governance. 

When these employees struggle to prepare well written, tightly argued reports which get their intent across, we can help.  

Governance for Functional Areas


We have experience in the establishment and implementation of policies, processes and accountabilities in areas including outsourcing, privacy, project, data and records governance.

We get governance with a “small g”.