For any organization, strategy should be the highest priority for leadership.  Strategy is at the foundation of value creation. It determines how an organization approaches its vision, and how it defines and delivers on its mission. Strategy is a key influence on whether an organization can survive over time.

“Strategy” is more than just preparing a strategic plan. “Strategy” is using organizing frameworks to make decisions in a complex environment, which lead toward a desired end state. In the Red Queen’s world of ongoing acceleration, strategy must be flexible, so adaptive decisions can be made constantly. 



Strategic Planning


We have extensive experience in leading and facilitating strategic planning processes.  We are comfortable with both Board-led and Management-led planning exercises. We can collect the data, prepare for and run planning sessions, document outcomes, and prepare a plan. 

Strategic Thinking


We believe that strategic thinking is the core management competency.  To build your organization’s capacity, we can run one-off workshops, or design enterprise-wide training programs. Or you can engage us to tackle specific challenges by delivering Strategic Thinking or Design Thinking exercises that lead to direct action. 

Strategic Racing


We understand that the phenomenon of technology acceleration dictates a new approach to strategy. We can work with leadership to build capacity for flexible response which is deeply embedded in your company, and aligns with your enterprise risk management approach.